The world is amazing and beautiful. I live in Townsville, North Queensland. I have a Bachelor of Science majoring in Marine Biology and Zoology, but I am not currently working in that field. My passion is photographing nature - from marine invertebrates (especially molluscs) to plants and landscapes. Most of my photos will be from this region and, if you contact me first (deadlegsmel@live.com.au), I am happy for them to be used for educational purposes. However, if you are a student or lecturer at James Cook University you may use any of these images without seeking specific permission.

Elephant Snail (Scutus antipodes) - also known as the Duck Bill Shell - a large limpet  with two sensory tentacles that it waves around like the trunk of an elephant.  At the Bass Point intertidal area during low tide.

Photographer: Melanie Wood

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